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TGPAnalizer manual

TGPAnalizer software examines the Apache web server log files and presents the information based only on the log data received from log files. Therefore, please do not demand something from the script that is impossible. Also, please be advised that software was specifically designed for analysis of TGP traffic therefore some of the data is being ignored in order to reach highest efficiency. If you require any specific functions, we can add it to the software at additional expense, but with this we can not guarantee its stability or its efficiecy.

A little about terminology we have used: Hits - not unique visitors that requested html pages from our server. Clicks - not unique visitors that clicked on advertising (banners or text links) on your pages. CTR (click through ratio) - CTR calculated by Clicks / Hits * 100%.

For the most exact and structured analysis and also for convenience of your posters: each new galley should be posted in a new folder.

For click throughs to be calculated these clicks have to go through a server, there is no other option. The method of transferring clicks does not matter. It can be Meta-refresh, script, htaccess redirect it does not matter. What matters is that they have to go though a specific folder on a server. For example, let's take folder called /sponsor/. All clicks that will go though http://domen.com/sponsor/ will be accounted and calculated by our software. Also all clicks will be calculated if they will go though http://domen.com/sponsor/path/ and though http://domen.com/path/sponsor/. Even if you create folder /sponsors/ in every gallery folder all clicks will be calculated. The name of this magic folder can be set in administrative page of the software. But you have to remember the more Clicks though folders are created the more resources your server will use. 10-20 folders are quite enough for a server, more folders result in less stability

You don't have to specify domain names separately. Software immediately locates all domain names and log files which are used by Apache server.

Administrative Interface

1. It is pretty simple, but quite functional, clear and convenient.

2. As soon as you enter in to the main control panel (usually /admin/admin.pl) you are able to see traffic statistics for previous 24 hours. On the left side of the table are your domains, next column is hits, and then clicks and the last one is buttons.}

3. Buttons. Button "Details" is allowing you to "detail" domain name, meaning you can go deeper into any lower level of the directories. You will get the same information about all directories from this domain with indication of all hits and clicks made by surfers, who came into these directories. Also you can "detail" any directory right up to html-pages. Button "referrers" shows domain list in the new window, from which surfers get to your galleries. Besides the list of the referrers, you can see how many visitors came from each referer and how many clicks surfers made from each particular TGP. This button gives you all the information about domains, about directories and about any page you need. Button "search requests", as you understand, shows search engine requests, by which servers found your galleries in search systems.

4. There are four very useful buttons in the same column. "Referrers" and "Search" perform the same functions, but only in conformity to all domain names. Button "Top Hits" shows the list of pages that has been sorted by attendance. Button "Top Clicks" shows a list of pages sorted by number of clicks made.

5. All statistics can be observed for any period of time. At the bottom of the page there are two drop down menus, to choose a beginning and end date for a desired time period.

6. Button "Edit users" is used to control your users. That means, if you have a few posters and you do not want them to see each others stats, you can create as many users as many posters you have. The process to create an additional user is very simple and clear. Admin site for posters looks just like your admin area, except for "Edit user" button and with only domain names for this particular user (usually /user/index.pl).

7. Button "Edit Link Dirs" will allow you to control your "sponsor directories". In "Edit link Dirs" menu you may choose any name for your directories, presence of which in URL system will be determent as a click through to a sponsor link. For example, if you add /sponsor/ directory any click thought to http://mydomain.com/sponsor/ or http://mydomain.com/sponsor/path/ or http://mydomain.com/path/sponsor/ will be considered as a click through to a sponsor. You may also add strings of any kind not just a directory, for example: /adv/gotopaysite.html or myfullpageaddons.html. Meaning that this string can be any characters you can find in a URL address. System will be searching for this string in any inquiry to your domain. You have to be careful and not create a directory with same name as a folder to which you have traffic coming in.

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